Carsten Thoms
International Science & Early-Career Researchers

Comprehensive two-week training program at the Faculty for Marine Sciences & Fisheries, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia

MSTCareer is an intensive Career Skills Training Workshop at the Bogor Agricultural University. The course program is targeted at researchers and advanced students in marine science and related fields who aim to consolidate their international competiveness.

Language of Instruction: English

Target Group

MSc Students, PhD Students, and scientists from all Indonesian universities who are active in the broad area of Marine Sciences and related fields and who are interested in pursuing a scientific degree or a research stay abroad. 


Call for applications

Please note: Currently, there are no open calls for applications. The course is scheduled to be held again in 2017. The course dates and the call for applications will be published on this page.

For course details and more information on the application process, please see MSTCareer2016 brochure (PDF Download, 810kb)



Course Instructors, MSTCareer 2016

 Dr. Carsten Thoms

 Prof. Dr. Indra Jaya

Dr. Hawis Madduppa


Impressions of the MSTCareer 2016 Course


MSTCareer 2016 was attended by 9 young scientists from 7 different Indonesian universities and research institutions.

Course Evaluation by the participants of MSTCareer 2016 (PDF download, 2MB)

Participant statements:

  • "I will recommend this training to my colleagues. It broadened our perspective on scientific thinking."
  • "MSTCareer is really useful to improve our knowledge and strategy to find our 'niche' in science"
  • "MSTCareer is an excellent workshop - the long journey to Bogor was really worthwhile"
  • "A great course to strengthen young scientists to become competitive scientists!"









Impressions of the MSTCareer 2014 Course



MSTCareer 2014 was attended by 7 young scientists from 7 different Indonesian universities and research institutions

Course Evaluation by the participants of MSTCareer 2014 (PDF download, 2MB)

Participant statements:

  • "MSTCareer was a brilliant idea"

  • "This activity needs to be disseminated to other researchers in order to have the opportunity to gain knowledge directly from the experts"

  • "MSTCareer is the best intensive training I ever had"

  • "...the course was excellent. Beyond my expectations."

  • "...we could interrupt and ask directly if we did not understand...we got a lot of feedback."
    "I have told my colleagues that they should participate in this training next time".


External Link: MSTCareer2014 Movie on Youtube